Care and Maintenance

How do I care for my furniture?


The most important step in the care of your furniture is to keep it clean. Dust, smoke, oils/lotions, insects, and sunlight are all common factors in reducing the finish’s longevity. Depending on what finish you have purchased, different cleaning approaches may be applicable.


Natural Oiled Finish

Clean your furniture with a mild solution of dish soap and warm water. Apply the mixture with a soft bristle brush. Rinse well and let dry. A mild solution of bleach and water can be used if any mildewing occurs. Please note: Bleeding may occur. If this happens we recommend that you wet your furniture down thoroughly on a sandy or grassy area 5-10 times until bleeding stops. Once it has stopped, it will never occur again.


Over time, Brazilian Cherry can be expected to weather in the sun to a natural grey. If the grey tone is preferred, no maintenance is necessary.  The natural oil finish items are pre-applied with our organic Brazilian Rosewood oil. If the red color is preferred, it can be restored by the re-application of our oil or any exterior hardwood oil. Do not use any “water sealer” type products on Brazilian Cherry.


Painted and Weathered Finishes

Clean your furniture with a mild solution of dish soap and warm water as needed. Please note that although we use a top-grade exterior paint, all paints weather outdoors and are subject to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood underneath. This movement causes very minor checking in the finish over time and is not a defect. Painted finishes are occasionally scratched/rubbed in shipment. If you receive a chair with such marks, we will provide you with touch-up paint rather than a new chair.


As the painted finish weathers over the years, you can touch up as necessary with our available touch up product and renew kits.