O U R   P R O D U C T S

New River Casual Furniture invites you to explore the possibilities of your outdoor spaces with our complete collection of premium outdoor casual furniture.


The Outdoor Lifestyle Collection features solid hardwood furniture made from the finest 100% genuine, natural Brazilian Cherry. Our lumber is hand-selected annually, which ultimately results in a better quality of timber – healthier wood and straighter grains with less knots. Brazilian Cherry is known for its hardness, duraility and beauty, and is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor residential and commercial locations.


We believe that outdoor furniture can contribute to one's taste and style just as indoor furniture does, and our collections incorporate classic, timeless designs with many finish options to cater to all tastes and settings. Our collection has been chosen to add style to any decor and enrich every lifestyle.


We know you have many choices when selecting outdoor furniture, and we invite you to experience our hand-finished attention to detail and quality.


Special order items  - expect 6-8 week delivery.